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National  Wing & Clay Shooting School

Benefits To Shooters

Learn to Shoot Safely and to Your Maximum Ability.

Top NSCA Certified Instruction

All shooting clinic instruction is individual and is based on each shooter's skill and experience level.All National Wing & Clay instructors are National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA) certified instructors (Level II and III), trained to teach all wing and clay shooting methods. Chief instructor, Bob Knopf, has taught hundreds of beginning and advanced shooters from across the country. Bob has written numerous articles on bird hunting and clays shooting, and is author of the book, Wing & Clay Shooting Made Easy. His shooting seminars for hunters and clays shooters are popular at club, corporate, and group events.

Learn to Shoot. The National Wing & Clay Shooting School
Teaches All Shooting Methods!

Unlike many schools, we teach all shooting methods and wing shooting techniques. Try your hand at the instinctive or point and shoot method, the pass through, the maintained lead, and the pull-away. We also teach specialized techniques such as the bayonet method and shooting to the lead.

Personal Instruction

All shooting instruction is individual and is based on each shooter's skill and experience level. Shooting instruction is tailored to the specific shooting goals of each shooter. Those interested in clays shooting shoot a variety of targets commonly found on clays courses. Hunters shoot targets that represent various hunting situations. Each shooter receives personal instruction.

Beginners Welcome

Beginning shooters are made to feel comfortable while shooting and are taught gun and range safety and shooting etiquette. Teaching is in a non-intimidating style oriented to make shooting fun no matter what the shooter's age or skill level. Beginners learn all shotgun and wing shooting basics, and use small gauge guns and shoot low recoil loads for easy, comfortable shooting.

Advanced Instruction

Advanced shooters are given instruction that is specifically tailored to their exact shooting needs, whether for the clays course or hunting fields. All advanced methods are taught, including instinctive or point to the lead, pass through, maintained lead, and pull-away. We also teach specialty techniques such as the bayonet method and shooting to the lead. Additionally, shooters receive instruction in self-diagnosing their misses, hitting longer range shots, on the mental aspects of shooting, on competitive shooting, and we fully deal with numerous eye and visual acuity difficulties.

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